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The Rules.

Breaking these rules will result in serious bitching, as well as people making
fun of you behind your back. Especially rule #1, and yes,
I'm a smartass. Repeat offenses will result in removal from the group.


1) READ THE RULES (and Instruction Manual.)

2) Choose a character and prepare your application. Take your time; there's no rush. For some people this may take days. For others, months. Look at some of the canon character profiles if you need help. Remember, this is a profile, not a wiki page, but we still need a good feel for your character and/or writing style. If you're applying as a canon character, just make sure you let me know if it's going to take you a while.

3) Register as your fancharacter's name (if that's with whom you're applying) or your personal penname and submit an application. If you've applied for a canon Sonic character and get the part, we'll change your name to match.

4) Contact me before or after you register. We also take personality into consideration. But be yourself and don't try to butter us up. We're pretty laid back.


5) Please be able to speak and write at least high school-level English. This is a group for people who love writing in collaboration with others. You will generally be expected to post anywhere between 4 sentences and up. Several of our players submit very long posts upward from 4-5 paragraphs, so make sure you are able to keep up with the rest of the group.

new clause: We no longer require a paragraph for a post... something is better than nothing. However, don't abuse this, and be courteous to your fellow RPers. If someone posts directly to you, and it's reasonably large, try to be fair about the length of your post.

6) On that note, use a spell check. You probably won't get in if you skip out on this requirement. If you type in another application like Word or, they check it for you. Or, if you use Google Chrome as your browser, it checks as you go. Watch for confusing terms that may make it through the spell check, like, "you're/your" and "sugary/surgery".

If you have difficulty carrying on a conversation in English, or you do not understand English grammar, do not apply as a participant in the main forums. We may still allow you to join as a part-time member and participate in our chats or general discussion forums.

7) There is a story leader. Game Master(GM), Story Lead(SL), Moderator, or whatever you want to call it, they will be in charge of the plot. For this arc, that would be Rook/Eggman. If you have a plot idea, ask. This is a very organized plot, and as such, we cannot afford chaos with everyone posting their own story all at once. Your idea may be wonderful; just tell me first so I can collaborate with you to get it done right.

8) Make sure you are playing just your character and not someone else's. Think of RP as a graceful mixture of literature and acting. If you were an actor on stage, you wouldn't walk over to someone and bend their arms to make them wave at you. If you need a character's reaction in order to perform your next action (for example: grabbing their hand or wrist) you must ask the player for PP, or player permissions by contacting the player via IM (preferred) or PM in order to ask for permission to assume (and vaguely describe that) they followed through with the action.

9) Claiming that your OC or Archie character knows the current cast is not allowed. This is another variation of modding/bunnying, of controlling another's character. In rare instances, it may be allowed, but this will be discussed at the time of your application and the GM, as well as all players involved in the relationship must be in unanimous agreement before it will be cleared.

10) This is not a competition. Think more in terms of what is good for the plot instead of defeating an opponent. This mostly applies to the main story boards, not to the side RPs. I will let you know ahead of time what the plan is if you are required to win or lose a specific battle. Even if you are to win, or are determined to win, still apply logic on a blow-by-blow basis and ask yourself; does it really make sense to do this before I post?


11) This might seem a little complicated, but bear with me:

- For each player in the thread, you have 24 hours. Tally up the number of players in the thread, and that is how many days you have for everyone to take their turn (up to, but no greater than a week if there are 7+ members in the thread). This means that if there are 4 players in the thread (even if there are 6 characters), you have 4 days to take your turn(s) from the start of the clock. There is no particular turn order, but we do ask that you give everyone a chance to post in that 4-day period. Once everyone has taken their turn, you may post again. If there are 2 players, you have 2 days. (If I see someone in a two-player thread waiting until the last minute to post, I will slap you with a tuna.) If there are 3 players, you have 3 days. Otherwise you will be skipped.

- The exception is if nothing important is happening in that thread (i.e. conversation, character development, shopping for new furniture lol). In that case, you are still expected to post in time, but you do not have to wait for everyone to post before you go again.

- If you fail to post, and your character is necessary to continue the scene, I will NPC your character or give the next player permission to do so. This can result in in-game consequences, such as your character being left behind as the others go on a mission, up to injury, depending on the severity of your inactivity.

- You may avoid these consequences if you tell me ahead of time that you are unable to post, so we can temporarily write you out of the story or tag the next player. You can also submit a one-word response in the forum that says "Pass," if you would like to skip a single turn, or "Proxy, x(number of) turns" if you need someone to cover your post and NPC your role.

12) When your turn ends, if you know a method of contact for the next player, please use it to tag them. This has not been an effective method as of late, however, and you are still expected to be responsible for checking the boards.

13) Once the time limit is over, turn order starts again. If someone did not post, skip them or contact the admins and permission will be given as-needed.


14) Follow the golden rule/law of three/karmic laws concerning chat and forum etiquette, both IC and OOC. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. That kinda thing.

15) On the note of how we run this group, the storylines, and the environments; we consider every part of Sonic games to be .. well, Sonic games (unless it's Spinball, because that was a different universe). I believe Rook worded it best here. If you want strictly retro environments and storylines, we're more than willing to accomodate you, but we ask this in return: Your characters cannot have dialogue, can only pantomime when it's been thirty seconds into your physical turn and must move in two dimensions.  B) Hopefully you're cool with RPing the modern games, though, because I think they make for better group interaction.

16) We reserve the right to collectively laugh at and ridicule your recolor, child of Sonic, or Mary Sue, and probably will. (Yes, I would hope you'd do the same to me if I attempted to do that.) Don't try it here. See the rules for original character creation and use.

17) If you have a complaint, tell me. If telling me isn't your thing, tell the Story Lead, so he can break it to me gently.

18) Signatures. Most people do not use their name, but instead a funny quote or image, when creating a signature on forums. When your signature is consistently larger than your posts on a page, louder, or otherwise attention-seeking, however, it will be removed. Restrict things to a height of no more than 200 pixels (I'm not restricting width, just use good judgement on what LOOKS good on the page. So don't abuse this with some neon green and pink dancing pigs. Please.)

19) No pointless killing of characters. Not only is it rude to take someone's character away, but it just isn't something that happens in gameverse without some kind of loophole. On occasion, someone might be introduced and die later, such as Emerl, but it's not common to kill the main cast. The same goes for your own character. If you no longer wish to play that role, we will find a more peaceful method of removing them from your possession. Robots such as Metal Sonic are partially excluded from this rule, as they can be rebuilt.

20) Lastly, while I have an open-door policy on complaints, please be reasonable about them. If you are not happy with this RP as a whole, with the fandom, with the video games, or with the characters, this is not the place for you. We want to make you happy, but we want to be happy, too. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

If you think I need to add a rule, or you have any questions about the rules, please post it in the discussion board, if you're a member, use the comment thread below, or message me on AIM or deviantART at KingofMoebius.
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Submitted on
September 10, 2010